NameDusty Lands Extension
AuthorFSG Modding
Size0.02 MB
DescriptionIncreases the amount of dust in your game. This will alter all: Plows, Spaders, Subsoilers, Cultivators, Disc Harrows, Power Harrows, Rollers, Plantes, Seeders, Mulchers, Balers, Windrowers, Mowers, Cutter Heads, and Combines. It also increases the amount of dust your wheels kick up. Dust production is based on the amount of time passed since it last rained or snowed. For full customization, you can increase or decrease the scale of all effects, or check the game menu to customize each class of implement. Key Bindings: Left Shift + Comma (,) : Decrease Dust Scale Left Shift + Period (.) : Increase Dust Scale Left Shift + Semicolon (;) : Toggle Exhaust Effect on/off