NameFruits Adjustment
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DescriptionFruits Adjustment changes the properties of many fruits. The fruits are rebalanced through adjustments in seed consumption, yield, price and weight. This is based on average data from the Germany region. More on that in the Giants Forum. The seed consumption of the fruit is based on real values ​​from the region of Germany. By adjusting yields and sales prices, the fruits and their proceeds are aligned with one another. Real yields of these fruits were adapted to the game and factors such as the effort required for cultivation and harvest were included. Furthermore, for example, the types of grain wheat, barley, oats (if available also rye, spelt, triticale) receive different specializations through changes in their yields and sales prices, which make them attractive for different applications. Wheat, oats (and triticale) are more suitable for feeding, while barley (rye and spelt) are more suitable for sale. Salvaging straw is also more lucrative. The following fruits are already (partially) supported: - Standard fruits (except cotton, sugarcane, poplars, olives, grapes and weeds) - Rye, spelt, triticale, clover, alfalfa, onion, carrot, poppy For the FS22 I have completely revised the mod. You can adjust the values ​​in FruitsAdjustment.xml and add new fruits. Have fun :)