NameOstseek├╝ste 22
Size398.67 MB
DescriptionWelcome to baltic sea. The landscape is characterized by hills and hedges. There are small and big farmers. Small or big farmer? Its your decision. You got all possibilities to be there. - 66 Fields and meadow - 5 Farms - 1 Biogas plant - 4 Woods for forestry - Own buildings - Own textures - Own license plates - Multiterrain - Realistic stubble destruction - Dig and waterhole fill up by rain - Animated train - Animated ships - Prepared for precision farming with own soli map - Seasonal map objects - 5 Sellingsations - Animaldealer - Collectibles Changelog A new savedgame is required. - Terrain smoothed. - All farms can now be rebuilt better. - Added more details in the villages and the landscape. - *New* Fieldgrass - *New* Greenrye - *New* Horse farm thomsen where manure can be bought and bales sold. - *New* Rape straw - *New* Added more paintable textures. - *New* Added HaGa lime buy. - *New* Added Jensen pig farm. - *New* Added sewage treatment plant as a manure purchase. - *New* Added manure storage as manure sale. - *New* Selling manure in Schier is now possible - *New* Added a cow pasture on field 64. - *Neu* Added decoration objects in the build menu. Changelog A new savedgame is not required. - *New* Decorative trees addet. - The Manorhouse now has a snow roof. - Oat stubble changed. - Adjusted textures of some streetsigns. - More heighttypes addet. - There is no longer any snow in some buildings. - Fixed small visual errors. - Sales point prepared for carrots, parsnips and beetroot. Changelog A new savedgame is not required. - *New* Added rye, triticale, clover and alfalfa. - *Neu* Clover and alfalfa bales for your animals. (Attention! All bales from an old save will be missing!) - *New* Added custom vehicles and machines. - *New* Improved soilmap added. - *New* Added more placeable decorations. - *New* BGAs are now manure system ready (PC only). - *New* Corn straw. - *New* AI helper feature added. - *New* Added more decorative trees (pine trees). - *New* Added better weed textures. - *New* Added better lime textures. - *New* Other decorative wind turbines added. - Various bug fixes - Farm Production Pack Ready Info: When the standard AI helper is used on the roads, traffic should be turned off. In multiplayer, farm decorations, fences, hedges can be sold via the "Kreis Ostholstein" farm. Have fun on Ostseek├╝ste and successful harvest.