NameSlurry Buying Station
AuthorAustria Modding
Size1.64 MB
DescriptionDo you need more slurry and digestate to fertilize your fields? Then just put this silo on your farm to buy slurry and digestate. There are six versions: - Two versions with the slurry pit from the base game, but the diameter has been reduced. In the first version, the terrain around the whole building is adjusted, in the other only at the trigger. The trigger must always be at the highest point when placed, otherwise parts of the building will sink into the ground. This makes it possible to place the tanks on slopes and see more of the wall. - Two versions with a concrete ceiling above the slurry pit, on which you can place bales or machines. There is a version with terrain adjustment around the building and one with terrain adjustment only near the trigger. - One underground pit where you can only see the place where the slurry is pumped out. - One Trigger that can be placed everywhere. Prices: - Large version: 25000$ - Underground version: 10000$ - Trigger: 5000$ - Daily upkeep: 10$ Changelog New store icons and modIcon Added daily upkeep New wood texture added 2ndUV added to the buildings Minor bug fixes Support and wishes please here in the Giants Forum: