NameCrop Rotation
Size0.21 MB
DescriptionThe Crop Rotation mod introduces incentive for growing different crops rather than planting potatoes over and over again. Try yourself in reality, where nitrogen and lime are not the only nutrients that plants consume during their growth. Gain up to 15% additional yield if done right. Loose even more if you fail to take good care of the soil! Key features: - crop-specific return period to mitigate monoculture - fallow support, up to two years (only with seasonal growth enabled) - crop rotation info added to player HUD field information box - detailed in-game help menu (with pictures!) - crop rotation planner to visualize potential yield Changelog - fixed critical issue when seasonal growth is enabled Changelog - fixed multiplayer sync issue - WARNING: crop history will be lost after upgrade on old saves Changelog - Crop Rotation planner added - Precision Farming DLC is not required anymore - small update to yield factors (up to 5% difference)